diabetic foot ulcers

Diabetics need to care for their feet. One of the most common dangers for a diabetic is foot ulcers. Foot ulcers cause complications and even result in lower-extremity amputation. There are many causes for foot damage which include complications from peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease trauma, deformity, high plantar pressure, and peripheral arterial disease. Symptoms might also include a loss of feeling, numbness or tingling sensation, blisters or other wounds without pain, skin discoloration and temperature changes, red streaks, wounds with or without drainage, painful tingling or staining on socks. A thorough assessment of the foot ulcer will help guide for proper therapy for the patient. Prevention of foot ulcers is the best way to protect feet from damage.

Monitoring and controlling your blood sugar is the best way along with the following daily regime:

  • Checking your feet daily for any changes or injuries.
  • Washing daily to prevent infections.
  • Wearing supportive socks and shoes.
  • Exercise for blood flow.
  • Care and trim nails carefully and not to trim to low to create cuts.
  • Care for corns and bunions.
  • Protect your feet from extreme temperatures.
  • Regular examinations on the feet from your doctor.
  • Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.
  • And most importantly control blood sugar.

If you develop foot ulcers your doctor will first treat the ulcer with nonsurgical treatment. They will try to keep the wounds clean and dressed. Sometimes foot ulcers can become aggressive and surgical treatment is needed. Removal of any decaying or dead tissue, amputation of either a single toe or section of the foot, or complete amputation of the foot.

Being active in caring for your feet can prevent you from potential damage or even amputation. If foot ulcers do occur, prompt and aggressive treatment from your doctor can often prevent long term problems and eliminate potential amputation. Having an early and daily regime in the prevention of foot ulcers with swift action can result in keeping diabetic feet healthy and minimum complications.

diabetic foot ulcersdiabetic foot ulcersdiabetic foot ulcers

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